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Ethically Sourced

Where Beauty Meets Integrity

At bylauramayers, we believe in providing exceptional hair extensions that elevate your style while ensuring our products come from ethical and responsible sources. Our goal is to offer high-quality hair extensions that align with your values of sustainability, fairness, and transparency.

What Does Ethically Sourcing Mean to Us?

Ethical sourcing is our way of ensuring that every hair extension you purchase from us is produced with the highest standards of integrity. This means:

Supporting Communities: We collaborate with suppliers who ensure fair wages, safe working environments, and respect for human rights, fostering thriving communities.

Complete Transparency: From the origin of our hair to the final product, transparency in our supply chain means you can trust the ethical roots of your extensions.

Sustainable Practices: Our suppliers follow environmentally responsible practices that help protect our planet and preserve natural resources.

We are committed to sourcing hair that meets our rigorous standards. Our ethically sourced extensions come from suppliers who share our dedication to quality and integrity. This commitment ensures that every strand you wear is not only stunning but also produced with respect for the people and the environment involved.

Why Ethical Sourcing Matters to bylauramayers

Premium Quality: Ethical sourcing helps us maintain the superior quality of our hair extensions, ensuring they’re long-lasting, beautiful, and ethically produced.

Empowering Workers: We support suppliers that prioritize fair labor practices, uplifting workers worldwide through fair wages and safe workplaces.

Environmental Responsibility: By choosing suppliers who prioritize sustainable sourcing, we minimize our impact on the environment while bringing you gorgeous, responsibly produced hair extensions.

Building Trust: We know that trust is paramount. By being transparent about our sourcing practices, we aim to build a bond of trust with our customers, ensuring you can purchase with confidence.


Quality and Care

ByLauraMayers seamless clip-in hair extensions and wefts are ethically sourced and made from 100% finest Virgin Remy hair to ensure longevity and quality. This is real human hair that’s completely untreated and unprocessed at the time of collection. It’s also known as ‘cuticle hair,’ because when the hair is harvested from a donor, the cuticles remain intact to protect it from damage. The hair is triple drawn to make sure the hair is fuller and thicker from root to tip and isn’t covered in silicone (which many manufacturers do to give the illusion of better hair quality and weight).

Seamless clip-in extensions take minutes to put in and are just as easy to remove – a quick and simple way to create extra bounce and breathtaking hairstyles. ByLauraMayers seamless clip-in extensions lie flat on your scalp, making them virtually undetectable. Breakthrough Silicone Band Technology fuses and bonds every single strand of hair at the top of each weft, reducing shedding and tangling, and lengthening the lifespan of your beautiful extensions. If you’re looking for a quick, discreet do-it-yourself hair extension system with no long-term bonding or hair damage, seamless clip-in hair extensions are the answer. They are versatile, easy to attach, and match to your own hair color, creating the most natural-looking length, shine, and volume. You’ll be the envy of your friends!

Our gorgeous extensions are made from the highest quality Virgin Remy human hair and can be handmade to measure. We also offer a color matching service. Just send us a sample of your own hair, and we will match it for you from our ready-made range of colors.


Your Choice Matters

When you choose ByLauraMayers Hair Extensions, you’re not just choosing beautiful hair. You’re making a stand for fair, responsible sourcing that supports people and the planet. We thank you for joining us on this journey toward a more ethical and sustainable future.



Bespoke hair extensions

In addition to our online range of hair extensions, we offer a bespoke made-to-measure clip-in hair extension service. Just send us the dimensions of your head, choose your colour or send hair to be colour matched (see below). We will make your own personal extensions by hand for a perfect fit. Extra luxurious, double thickness extensions are available with this service.

You can add our personalised hair extension measuring and fitting service to a wedding hair and makeup booking or as part of My Wedding Hair collection.

How to measure your head

Colour match extensions

If you don’t want to choose our colour from a phone or computer screen, we’ve made it super easy to find your perfect match. Simply send us a selfie via our easy to use colour match Whatsapp link or, if you prefer, just send us a sample of your own hair and we’ll do our best to match it. Please email us to request our postal address.

Hair extensions questions

Yes, you can wash them as you would your own hair. We recommend using bylauramayers specialist shampoo and conditioner, available from our shop. This is a sulphate-free shampoo designed exclusively for bylauramayers hair extensions that’s also works fabulously on all hair types. Virgin Remy hair can be blow dried. As with your own hair, for best results use a low heat and a heat defence spray or they can also be air dried.

They clip under your own hair using small snap clips. The clips we use are high quality with a silicone insert so they will not slip or damage your hair and are extremely secure. Once fitted, the clips become invisible.

As a general rule, we find hair that’s 6-7 inches or longer is suitable for hair extensions.

More questions?

What People Think


Fabulous hair! This hair is soo thick and shiny. I've washed it loads of times and it always comes up great. Will be back for more.


❤️❤️ gorgeous hair, love them!

Mandy Salon Owner

Wow.. Just can't imagine going back to my old brand! These products just blow the others out of the water. Super impressed. My hair feels super glossy and actually feels much healthier. There's no going back now! Try these.. You won't be disappointed. The shine spray is phenomenal too! I've already ordered more.. I'm actually scared that when people catch on, there's going to be a shortage!

Vicky Mobile Hair Dresser

Absolutely LOVE these extensions ❤️. I use clip ins a lot and since I’ve come across these beauties I won’t wear anything else. I wash and style them over and over and they still look great. Can’t recommend enough.

Lois Salon Manager
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