5 Tips for Getting the Best from Hair Extensions

Sadly we are not all blessed with luscious locks, and there is certainly nothing wrong with giving Mother Nature a bit of a hand from time to time! I get lots of questions about hair extensions and wigs, so I thought I would share my best tips! Whether you want to fake it till you make it while waiting for your hair to grow, need to perfect a dream look for a wedding or other event or just enjoy being a playful hair chameleon and changing your look to suit your mood, here are some things you really need to know about extensions.

1. Colour is Vital

Hair extensions need to make the colour of your hair not be close enough or just about. Even if you don’t dye, you will find the root colour is subtly different from the ends of your hair. Rooted hair extensions account for this and are naturally shaded and graded to ensure your roots can blend in well. If you cannot get rooted extensions, then consider blending with a root concealer to create a much more natural look.


2. Leave the Styling to a Pro

Flat, out-of-the-packet extensions look like fake hair, so to get the look and movement of your natural hair, get them cut to match your hairstyle and face shape. As a stylist, sometimes this means I want to thin them out or add some layers. I want to see extensions moving like natural hair, and I am sure you do too, so trust your stylist and get professional help. It is so worth it.

3. Adding Texture or Curls

If you want to bring some curl to your hair extensions or use products to add texture, you should do this before you put them in. The easiest way, my trick of the trade if you like, is to hang them on a trouser hanger, the ones with a long bar clip that runs along a skirt or trousers waistband. This makes them easy to work with, and styling them first helps create a natural look.

4. Get a Grip

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to use, but if your hair is in tip-top condition, you may find the clips slipping, which can be frustrating. To get the best grip, first slightly backcomb the roots to create a better surface to grip on, and then spray both this patch of hair and the clip with hairspray before you fasten them shut.

5. Ask for Help!

Finally, do not be afraid to as for help! My team are here to answer any questions you might have, or you can chat with your hairstylist to get a better idea of how to ensure your extensions work for you.


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