A Guide to Virgin Remy Hair Extensions, By Laura Mayers

When it comes to finding the best hair extension for the most natural, luscious hair look, 100% Virgin Remy Hair extensions remain one of the most popular options, and Laura Mayers has a great selection to help you create the style of your dreams.

There are many advantages to using 100% Virgin Remy Hair extensions, including the fact that they are easy to apply, and because they are made from 100% Virgin Remy Hair, they can be styled and treated like your own hair. There is an excellent selection of lengths and colours to choose from across the range of products. 100% Virgin Remy Hair extensions also have different weft thicknesses and attachment options, giving you so much choice when it comes to the perfect hairstyle.

Every product in the 100% virgin Remy hair range has been ethically and responsibly sourced, meaning that it is sustainable because we care about our suppliers and know that our customers share this ethos. None of the products in the range have been coloured, permed or bleached before undergoing our gentle processing ensuring the best possible longevity and luxury. Currently, Laura offers the following 100% Virgin Remy Hair extension products.

20″ Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

Long hair never goes out of style, and the 20-inch extensions are great for adding length to your existing locks. These are luxury clip-in hair extensions that are made from 100% true virgin Remy hair.

16″ Virgin Remy Hair Extensions

If you prefer something a little shorter, we also stock the 16-inch version. Again you get the same fabulous 100% true virgin Remy hair, just a little shorter for practical, everyday styling.

Curl them, plait them, style them or pop them in a messy bun; your hair will feel fuller and look longer, and they are simple to change whenever you fancy.

22″ Weft

The range of triple-drawn wefts is perfect for anyone who wants to add a full length to their hair, and the result offers a stunning and aesthetically fantastic look that will attract many comments.

This 22” weft hair has been given an extra drawing process during its creation and has three strips of hair to ensure that the ends are full and thick.

Tape Extensions, Double-Drawn 18” & 22”

The double-drawn tape extensions are very popular, and they come in both 18” and 22”. Double-drawn hair goes through an additional process. Any shorter hairs get removed by hand, avoiding machines, to create the healthy, full appearance of natural hair, so no one will ever guess you have extensions.

Remy Extensions

One of the reasons that 100% Virgin Remy Hair extensions are so popular is that care is taken to ensure that all of the cuticles face in one direction. This is done by only collecting the hair from a single ponytail source and ensures that there is no tangling and shedding. 100% Virgin Remy Hair extensions are also high in ratio, super thick from root to tip, and have undergone only gentle processing and toning to ensure the longevity of the hair.


Thanks for reading, love Laura x


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